Re: [xml] Namespaced attributes bug ?

Hi Fabrice,

I haven't tested if it's only the following or if it's more:

The document below does have 2 identical attributes since the namespace
is defined both times as according to specs the
determining part wether namespaces are identical is the href part and
not the declared name. They would only be different if you declared
these urls differently.
If I am wrong on this, please DO flame me, since I have then violated
the basic rule of checking docu first. I didn't this time, since I'm
pretty sure.

TTY Philipp
On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 18:39, Fabrice Desrà wrote:

  I think ther may be a bug in libxml when to attributes share the same 
local name, but have a different prefix bound to the same namespace URI.

For instance :

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <x xmlns:n1="";
       xmlns:n2=""; >

   <bad n1:a="1"  n2:a="2" />

  This example comes from the XML Namespaces Rec [1], but xmllint 
doesn't complain with it.


Philipp Dunkel <philipp dunkel org>

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