[xml] Re: [xslt] Xalan vs libxslt report

On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 12:36:15PM -0000, spinmar interfree it wrote:

 Hi to you ....

 [nice tests omitted]

Well these are my opinions:

- Libxslt is much more robust (break is always 0.00).
- Libxslt is faster than Xalan: as the queries grow, the responce time difference is relevant.
I suppose that my choice will be libxslt.

Any suggestions?

Well, just to second your experiences: we use a libxml2/libxslt based
Apache module to transform all content in realtime for a major german
newspaper's website (www.zeit.de) and so far had no problems with
stability or performance (and we _do_ have some traffic, if i might
say so ;-) Performance is so good that i never even bothered switching 
of the debugging options.
BIG kuddos to Daniel!

  Ralf Mattes




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