[xml] Re: Attributes without knowing name

I'm working on an XML cryptographic signer, both in Java and in C++. The
Java version (Using Xerces) is finished, but I have now hit a problem
in the C++ version (Using libxml).

When signing, the string that is signed must be identical to the one
which is checked at some later time. The problem with this and XML
is that attribute order isn't important, and libxml and Xerces orders
them diffrently, so I need to sort them. The signer must be general,
so it shouldn't need to know the names of the attributes in the
given element. So, I need to get all the attributes from an element
without knowing the names of these attributes. I was looking at the
documentation, for something like: 

xmlGetPropCount(xmlNodePtr node);


xmlGetProp(xmlNodePtr node, int index); 

... but I couldn't find anything like this, or anything that could do
the job. Is what I'm attempting possible, and if so, how?

Christian Rygg - EDB Fellesdata
Avd. for sikkerhet - Bergen
Mobil - 92433995

I have encountered a similar need to order attribute elements, but my
question centers around the DTD specification:

Regarding the linked list xmlAttributePtr in xmlElementPtr:  are the
nodes in this list guaranteed to be in the same order in which the same
attributes appear in the DTD?

Code which produces an attribute list as a function of element name,
and based on the DTD is as follows:

xmlAttributePtr dtdGetAttrList(xmlChar *elemName){
   xmlDtdPtr dtd;
   xmlChar *uri;
   xmlChar *SystemID="my.dtd";
   xmlElementPtr elem;
   xmlAttributePtr attribute = NULL;

   uri = xmlBuildURI(SystemID,NULL);
   dtd = xmlParseDTD(NULL,uri);
   elem = xmlGetDtdElementDesc(dtd,elemName);
   return attribute = elem->attributes;

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