Re: [xml] xml reader interface and sockets

On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 07:09:58PM -0500, Sean Middleditch wrote:
On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 18:40, Daniel Veillard wrote:
must have a weird address in there.  I'll fix it so I can send mail the
normal fun way.  ^,^

   yup, that works, thanks !

Anyways, the point of this babbling, will it be possible to feed chunks
to the XML Reader interface?

  That could relatively easilly be extended. BUT (of course there is a 
negative side) it makes the interface harder. The current interface is simple
because it's a completely consumer controlled processing model. The SAX
model is completely producer controlled. The existing interface is doing
a full conversion of control from the producer to the consumer, but will
block on I/O input. One of the key point of the current interface is that
it should not use too much data locally, if processing is too slow and fed
from a socket, the transfer rate will get lower but the processing point
won't buffer data.

Right.  There could be a few tricks to simplify the interface, I would
think.  Enough of the core should be the same to provide a few small
wrapper interfaces depending on your needs - dead simple or slightly
complex.  ^,^

  Well it's a balance. At the moment I reused the very simple
part which is part of the C# API, but more complex model are interesting
and should be relatively easy to implement (if not to use).

If not, does libxml2 offer another
interface besides SAX that might fit?

  Basically there is already a progressive I/O interface:
     xmlParseChunk(xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt, const char *chunk, int size,
                   int terminate);
which is the core of the XmlTextReader process. I suggest you look at
xmlTextReaderPushData() and xmlTextReaderRead() in xmlreader.c which
are the core routine controlling the XmlTextReader. Based on this
you may be able to suggest extension to the existing interface:
    - is there nodes/input data to process ?
    - push more available data
    - complete the parsing of a given subtree

As I said the current interface should allows really interesting extensions
to the processing model. Mixing Push and Pull, data controlled but tree
based APIs should be doable too.

Righty, OK.  I'll have to dig around a bit and see what I can
accomplish.  Thank you very much.  ^,^

  okay, also see the existing XmlReader APIs from C# in case there
 is overlap
I found also the parsed property in Microsoft DOM extensions:
as being relevant.


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