Re: [xml] [patch] missing calls to node tracker

hi john,

On Sun, Jan 05, 2003 at 07:35:30PM -0700, John Fleck wrote:
  Applied but modified to be conditional to the option --chkregister
xmllint should not have to pay the penalty for allocating another object
for each node while it's not needed generally. Performances matters even
for xmllint !

I'm not clear on what this does. Could someone explain so I can add it
to the man page?

libxml2 has two new internal callbacks:
  xmlRegisterNode and xmlDeregisterNode
these are of great help to language bindinds in tracking the nodes
libxml2 internally creates and destroys.

--chkregister of xmllint activates a simple node tracking scheme in
xmllint that helps in finding out whether the tracking api "kind of"
works (e.g. whether xmlDeregisterNode is called for every
xmlRegisterNode).  it's a debugging aid for developers for the
node-tracking api.

--chkregister is very preliminary and in its current state uninteresting
to non-libxml2-developers; even for libxml2-developers its only useful
if xmllint is run through valgrind to find memory leaks that might have
to do with the node tracking api.

hops this helps.


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