Re: [xml] newbie Perl install pb?


On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Fabien RICHARD wrote:

I have installed the Perl libxml2 SAX parser on my machine and I have the
following error message:

$ perl
could not find ParserDetails.ini in c:/Perl/site/lib/XML/SAX
LWP Request Failed at c:/Perl/site/lib/XML/SAX/PurePerl/Reader/ line 51.

Is somebody can help me on this pb?

Which operating system are you using? The shell prompt is typical Unix, but
the paths are malformed Windows.

If this output is really made on Unix, then there is something basically
wrong with the instalation, just as if someone installed it on Windows and
then simply copied the whole directory to the Unix partition.

Oh, and giving slightly more information about the involved components would
perhaps be helpful. We'll need the version of libxml2, Perl, Operating
System, The manufacturer and version ID of your BIOS Firmware, PatchID and
CPUID of your processor(s). Please also state the average irregularity rate
of your voltage supply, the operating temperature of your environment, and
the amount of present electromagnetic radiation, ultra-violet wavelengths
only, expresed in photons per cubic micrometer. :-)


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