Re: [xml] Using some SAX functionality inside DOM: A quite newbie question

Hi Stefan

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Stefan Seefeld wrote:

Indeed, my docbook-xsl version (1.55) sports a 'manpages' subdirectory
which looks as it would do just that. The package is apparently from
Martijn van Beers.

        Ok.. I know that. But my problem is not the xml to man program.
I think most of people uses XML to do a convenient (and it is!) way to
structure data. But interest is in document publishing!

Is HOW can I in some way format output just like SAX do. Let's suppose
another example:

The world is <bold>beautiful</bold> with XML

And I'd like the output:

The world is
.B beaultiful
with XML

How can I do it using DOM ?

Thanks a lot
bests regards

Lucas Brasilino

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