Re: [xml] xml bug?

On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 03:29:30PM +0100, Morus Walter wrote:

I am currently using xmllint (libxml version 20422) to parse XML 
documents. Until recently I was very content with its trustability. But 
I came across someting that seems to be a bug of xmllint. I am not sure 
if this is the right place to report it. If it is not, I want to 
apologize and ask wher I should report it then.

If you're sure, that it's a bug, you can file it (with minimal but
complete samples) in bugzilla. See the web page for details.

 But one of the very fist thing you must do before reporting a bug is
to check with a recent version. 

However you should also check, that the bug occurs in recent versions.

  exactly !

I don't remember in which version, but Daniel changed the validation
code completely (now using the regex engine written for xml schema).

If I construct a sample from your info, I don't see a problem with

  and I'm willing to bet that it will solve the problem. The validation
core has changed since and lot of the problem in the old engine have
been fixed in the new version.

So I suggest you update to 2.5.3.

  yes :-)


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