Re: [xml] xml bug?


I am currently using xmllint (libxml version 20422) to parse XML 
documents. Until recently I was very content with its trustability. But 
I came across someting that seems to be a bug of xmllint. I am not sure 
if this is the right place to report it. If it is not, I want to 
apologize and ask wher I should report it then.

If you're sure, that it's a bug, you can file it (with minimal but
complete samples) in bugzilla. See the web page for details.

However you should also check, that the bug occurs in recent versions.

I don't remember in which version, but Daniel changed the validation
code completely (now using the regex engine written for xml schema).

If I construct a sample from your info, I don't see a problem with

cat x.xml
<!DOCTYPE backm [
<!ELEMENT  backm        (nawerk, inhopg? , (tekstpl | (bijlage | 
notatoe)+)? , voetnoot*) >
<!ELEMENT tekstpl EMPTY>
<!ELEMENT bijlage EMPTY>
<!ELEMENT notatoe EMPTY>
<!ELEMENT voetnoot EMPTY>

xmllint --noout --valid x.xml

So I suggest you update to 2.5.3.


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