[xml] XML Schema support in libXML

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I am interested in using libXML for use in an application that is required to validate XML documents against XML Schemas. I notice that according to the description for version 2.6.3, it says:
"XML Schemas improvements: include (Robert Stepanek), import and namespace handling, fixed the regression tests troubles, added example"
I also notice that on the front page, it states that it supports XML Schemas Part 2: Datatypes, and that a partial implementation of XML Schemas Part 1: Structure is currently being worked on.
I also notice that it says one of the current items not finished is "Finishing up XML Schemas
I am wondering what level of XML Schemas Part 1 is currently supported, and what type of timeframe there is for a full implementation.
I am also wondering what type of additional XML Schema support is in CVS and not in the 2.6.3 release.
Thank you very much.

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