[xml] XPath supposed to be thread safe with global, read-only contexts?


we have problems evaluating XPath expressions in a multi-threaded
environment - i.e.:

We have a (multi-thread-environment-)global read only document
(xmlDoc) and associated global context (xmlXPathContext). Calling
xmlXPathEvalExpression() with that context ist _not_ thread safe (I
have so far boiled it down to the internal xmlXPathEvalExpr).

I know thread-safety isn't guaranteed for globals, but I always
thought that would hold true for write access only.

So is this a bug, or do we really have to protect all our xpath calls?


Stephan A Suerken
<ssuerken|stephan.suerken|suerken|absurd schlund de>

Schlund + Partner AG, Karlsruhe
Internal: http://manwe.use.schlund.de/~absurd/

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