RE: [xml] Header taint


I'm a bit confused about the "*exports.h" files. I don't see these in CVS,
and all the 
#define directives appear to be in Also, the
win32\Makefiles don't appear to have been updated. In addition to no longer
requiring the .def file (which
doesn't matter), I think they need to have dict.obj and SAX2.obj added to
their dependency lists (which does matter).

I've been able to compile with the new export declarations using the Borland
compiler, but to do so I needed to add "extern" to the various definitions

Eric Zurcher
CSIRO Livestock Industries
Canberra, Australia
Eric Zurcher csiro au

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From: "Igor Zlatkovic" <igor zlatkovic com>
To: <xslt gnome org>, <exslt gnome org>, <xml gnome org>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 12:24:06 +0200
Subject: [xml] Header taint

Hi there,

As promised, here it is. The headers have been tainted to 
contain export
declarations on every function, every variable.

New files called xmlexports.h, xsltexports.h and 
exsltexports.h contain the
macro definitions. Macros are:

  xPUBFUN for declaring public functions
  xPUBVAR for declaring public variables
  xCALL for stating the function calling convenction

where 'x' is XML, XSLT or EXSLT respectively. The default 
export defs are:

  #define XMLPUBFUN
  #define XMLPUBVAR extern
  #define XMLCALL

for libxml, analogue for libxslt and libexslt. This matches 
what has been
used so far on Unix, where everything should compile just the 
way it did

What remains to be done is to align the parameters the way 
they were before
the taint. I'll do this. Libxml headers up to parser.h, 
alphabetically, have
been aligned allready. If someone wants to help, welcome :-), 
but let me
know what you are doing so we don't end up doing it twice.

This does not interferre with the .def file in any way. 
Makefiles are not
using the .def file anymore, but even if they would, things 
would go fine.
MS linker seems to accept both at the same time and they do 
not have to
match. It will export a symbol if it is either declared as 
exportable or
mentioned in the .def file, or both.

Please risk a glance at this and if there is a slightest problem, I'll
appreciate an email, a phone call in the middle of the night, 
whatever, but
this must work for the next release. Not only for the next 
release, it must
work before that. Before any additional change is made to the 
headers. This
must be, so the change so big as this one can be easily reverted if it
doesn't work.


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