Re: [xml] New to list

Hi Daniel!

Thanks for your reply.

It's not your fault. The W3C XML Schemas code is incomplete and probably
buggy too.

Okay. I feared so :-( So xmllint is no option for me yet :-(

At the moment the best is to use the Relax-NG schemas validation
mechanism which is complete and fully supported.

But doesn't help me either. The result was:
$ xmllint --relaxng xsd/document.xsd --noout testdoc.xml
xmlRelaxNGParse: xsd/document.xsd is empty
Relax-NG schema xsd/document.xsd failed to compile

Why does RelaxNG "think" the document is empty? It isn't. Or am I completely wrong and RelaxNG is something completely different from the schemas I got?

- Stephan

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