[xml] Re: Doubt in Libxml2


Using this command: "xmllint --valid --catalogs --noout %1 > err.log"

I am not able to generate "stderr nor stdout" files, which you are
specifying below.

Kindly let me know what command I need to give, to get the error log
I am using the windows 98. And I am parsing the XML files in dos prompt.

Kindly advise.



With Windows XP here, I would use

  xmllint --valid --catalogs --noout %1 2> err.log

to get the errors in the file. That will probably not work for you, with
your Windows 98. The above command will work for any NT-based OS, but I have
heard it failing on Win 95, 98 and Me. I cannot confirm or deny that, for I
have never seen or used any of those.

You can try and if it doesn't work, sorry. I don't know how to redirect
stderr on Windows 98, don't even know if there is a stderr. In every case,
you need exactly that, a way to redirect stderr to a file. That has little
to do with libxml.


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