[xml] Release of libxml2-2.5.10

   As announced today (or yesterday depending on the perspective):

 This is a bug fix only release, it should correct the set of problem
discovered since last release, William Brack did a lot of cleanup again:
* Windows Makefiles (William Brack)
* UTF-16 support fixes (Mark Itzcovitz)
* Makefile and portability (William Brack) automake, Linux alpha,
  Mingw on Windows (Mikhail Grushinskiy)
* HTML parser (Oliver Stoeneberg)
* XInclude performance problem reported by Kevin Ruscoe
* XML parser performance problem reported by Grant Goodale
* xmlSAXParseDTD() bug fix from Malcolm Tredinnick
* and a couple other cleanups

   thanks a lot to those who reported bugs or provided patches,


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