RE: [xml] Release of libxml2-2.5.7

I'll reply with my comments also.

I use libxml for processing network requests. All requests are  xml based
requests. We also send xml data, but because of the overhead of xml
creation, i have always built my xml strings as standard strings, without
using any xml library support.

I also use libxml and libxslt to generate html pages from our embedded
webserver. It seems to work perfectly for my needs.

One More: libxml and sax are used to parse data files we regularly recieve.
These files are typically 5 million+ nodes, about 150 MB text files. Sax
parses the file in a matter of seconds. NICE JOB!

Thanx for the hard work

-stefan willmert

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Daniel Veillard wrote:

  Speaking of "industrial uses", I would be interested in getting
feedback especially from industry professionals, in 2 ways:

    - upcoming work: what are the point which may prevent
      deployement of libxml2 within your enterprise, what's missing ?
      What's broken ? W3C XML Schemas seems the most obvious candidate
      but I would like to hear from my users on this. I also really
      need to improve the documentation, especially a set of indexed

besides schema support I'd very much like an enhanced error handling
API, as we already discussed earlier...

    - use cases and "success story": basically I don't have any public
      list of use case, if you use libxml2 for serious processing, think
      about making a public statement, it will allow libxml2 to look
      "professionnal" and also will give me references I can point
      my management to when they wonder if my time is well spent, you
      should consider this as being your own interest if you can do it!

I'm working on a document centered architecture for a CAS company
(Computer Assisted Surgery):, where all data
processing is organized around the concept of a 'patient record'.
That includes configuration data, persistent storage, and all kind of
other jazz. I'm using both, an SAX and a DOM based API for this.

It's working wonderfully thus far. Thanks for all your work !


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