[xml] regexp in xml against xsd validation

I'm new in the world of "let's build a world full of XML".
I've a schema with a simple element defined as follow :
<element name="flag" minOccurs="0">
    <restriction base="xs:string">
      <pattern value="([0-7|D])[0-9]{2}"/>
The regular expression in the pattern is to force the validation of the xml in the "xml against xsd 
validation process" instead of inside the application.
The testRegexp program provided with the libxml is working fine. If I do:
  testRegexp "([0-7|D])[0-9]{2}" "800"
It says that the value fails the regexp validation ==> OK
If I use the xmlSchemaValidateDoc function with the above schema and an xml containing the value:
It says that the document validates the schema ==> NOK.
Is the regexp validation included in the schemas features of the libxml ? Is it still a "TODO" feature ?
Kind regards,
Olivier Toussaint.
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