[xml] Resolution on the WinCE patch

P.S.: BTW what is the resolution on the WinCE patch of libxml2 ?

To that, I thought that someone who has access to WinCE and cares about
doing it should implement a separate module which would provide the missing
IO functions, read, write, open and close. For the beginning, read could be
implemented so it calls fread internally, open calls fopen and so on, if the
full IO based on the native API means too much work. That would give the
same functionality the patch offered and would be a lot cleaner.

If such module does not arrive, I would, well, forget it (sorry, Javier).
Putting those #ifdeffed lines in the source, so at least something is there,
means that the mess remains there forever, as noone would care about
implementing the module then. But, that is my opinion.

Regarding the WinCE makefiles, these are totally clean as they are. However,
these would need modification to accomodate the new module, should it be
made. If we would put them somewhere under win32 subdirectory now, they
would lurk around useless, unless the source patch were applied.

I would gladly do the module, but I have neither access to a WinCE device
for testing, nor to the emulation environment for development, but I would
not object on someone providing me these :-) :-)


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