Re: [xml] PocketPC (Windows CE) Port

Hi there,

I fully agree with you in that developing a separate wince xml io  module
will do the trick much better than the #fidef game. Everytime I tried to
port something to PocketPC (or Windows CE) I found the same problem. And
the fastest track is, of course, the dirty one!

Well, the open/read/write/close implementation for WinCE would then be
directly reusable in every other application and would kill a lot of dirty
code, eh? :-)

Anyway I found a little bit of incoherence in the include policy along
libxml code, so it was much easier (and faster,again) to ifdef my changes
so they became much more visible, instead of go changing several modules
homogeinize the includes.

What incoherence? Okay, the file xmlwin32version.h is obsolete and the code
should be changed not to use it, but that is all and relevant only on

For the records, the port is working great already in two applications
though only parts have been really tested (neither xpath nor html).

That is good! Adding another platform to the list of supported ones is
always good.

Finally, I support the idea of a wince compatibility module development
commit myself to help as much as I can to that effort.

I have reread what I have wrote and it sounded as if I wanted to make that
effort. Sorry, that was not what I wanted to say. I don't have access to
WinCE and I therefore cannot do anything. You are the only one known to me
who uses libxml on WinCE and if there is indeed noone else, you are alone
with that effort.


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