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On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 10:21:18AM +0200, Fabien RICHARD wrote:

I use the libxml2 XML SAX parser, and it seems there is some problems with CDATA elements:
<![CDATA[ This Is <NOT> Parsed!! ]]>

When the SAX parser reach a CDATA element, my application exits in error.
Is someone aware about this problem?...

  No, it's your application, I have no way to guess what's happening.
Use a debugger and see why your application exits !

I have the same trouble with this kind of line in my XML, about validation file:
<!DOCTYPE mainElem SYSTEM "configFile.dtd">

  Same thing, you defined the SAX callbacks, it's up to you to debug what
they are doing (or not doing properly).


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