Re: [xml] XPath queries on document fragments without a document

Hey, fwiw, if anyone's interested in a libxml/libxslt bindings for
Ruby, let me know.  They're adhering to the C API so far but aren't
finished and should be pretty easy to use.  -sc

  Hum, I love to heard about bindings for new language, but I'm
wondering how this relates to the existing Ruby bindings at :
as pointed from:

  Are the old ones unusable, or unmaintained ?

Suuuuuuper old and are by and large unmaintained.  I've contacted the
old author 'cause I based some of my work off of it (worked as a
tutorial to libxml/libxslt for me, but has basically been rewritten).
The author said he had an itch and scratched it.

Also do you plan to provide XSLT extensions using Ruby (like Matt
Sergeant did with the latest XML::LibXSLT release) ?

You bet!  I'm actually out to compete with AxKit here in a month or
two and think I can beat their performance #'s.  :~) I'm a perl->ruby
convert and want to offer something superior to Perl.  Other than an
way of dynamically creating pages via XML/XSLT, the Ruby bindings for
libxml/libxslt are also the basis for rubynet, Ruby's CPAN.

Here are the CVSweb repos for both libxml and libxslt:

I've wrapped most of the data structures and have just finished
wrapping the parser contexts.  I'm about to go through and add parser
contexts to everything so that you can make multiple calls to xpath
w/o segv'ing the parser.  Speaking of, what's the best way to hook
into libxml's memory management given Ruby has its own garbage
collector that runs at uncontrollable times.  I was having some
problems cleaning up the xml parser in a persistent environment.  I
settled in on setting up a counter for how many XML documents were in
existence, but that seems really broken.  Any tips/incite there?  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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