[xml] Parsing URL

Hi list,

how are you? I'm a new member of this list. 
I'm writting an apache C module: this module uses libxml2 as parser and libxsl 
or xalan (I'm testing both) as XSLT transformer.

The apache module takes informations from different sources (DB and other) and 
it has to build a XML structure (based on my DTD) I'll apply a XSL to.
One of this sources is a the response of a given url: for example if I call 
http://www.someurl.com?s=1 this url gives me a XML file as answer.

My question is: can I parse this url with libxml2?

I have read the documentation but I can't find the answer: does it exist a 
method as parseURL(char*url)?

Thanks for your help



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