Re: Re: [xml] about the xmllib's shema


It seems something is wrong with your Visual Studio project file. Those in
win32\dsp are probably outdated by now. Even if not, the source must be
configured before building in order to generate few files properly.

You can do one of the following:

1. Download the binary distribution from
which is compiled with XML Schemas support.

2. Build the library from the command line. Check win32\Readme.txt for how
to do this. This approach is very easy and it works.

3. If you need to use Visual Studio project files, for example in order to
use the integrated debugger, then you must fix the project files. See if
Visual Studio can use the win32\Makefile.msvc directly instead of the
project file, or at least generate a project file from that makefile.
Aditionally, you must perform some manual changes to the source. Visual
Studio can be configured to do an extra build step and you should have it
run win32\configure.js script with the apropriate parameters as the first
build step, that should do it.


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