Re: [xml] Search engine is complete

except the XSLT stuff is not yet indexed, it should have a proper
index for:
   - the libxml2 API
   - the Web pages on the site
   - the mailing list archives

  Send a patch to the HTML and I will try to do the server side stuff.

  Oh, another thing I would appreciate help on is the cache problem,
basically it seems PHP pages aren't cached, which mean when one
follows a link result of the search and go back in the browser the
request is sent back and not cached. I assume it should be possible
from the PHP code to avoid this effect by sending proxy cache
headers but someone probably knows how to avoid this already ...

I used PHP in a former life and vowed I'd never touch it
again... since then, PHP has successfully left the building so I'm not
sure how to turn on caching.  Someone else here likely knows.  The
following is some pseudo code that I think you should be able to
follow.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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