RE: [xml] xmlShell usage on non-stdout

Please Note:  this requires changing two public APIs to add the
xmlShellCtxtPtr parameter:  xmlShellPrintNode and 

  Less okay, that is not possible, so I simply transformed them into 2
static internal only functions and made the public ones call 
them with 
a NULL context, so the API ain't changed and functionnality 
should remain.

  BTW I'm surprized, nothing seems to call the version of
xmlShellPrintXPathResult with a context in the patched file. 

I just made it a requiremetn for xmlShellPrintXPathResult to have a ctxt
because it called xmlShellPrintNode.  Your approach is better and maintains
the ABI.

Double check my
commit, I have the feeling something went through the cracks...

xmlShellPrintNodeCtxt(ctxt,node) has something like

if (!ctxt || !node)
  return 0;

which was from my mods -- your method needs to handle a NULL ctxt, so
something like

  FILE *fp;
  if (!node)
     return 0;
  if (!ctxt)
    fp = stdout;
    fp = ctxt->output;

  fprintf(fp,"print something");

I'd send a diff, but your changes have not replicated over to anoncvs yet.

I'm also going to add xmlShellUser() and xmlShellReadLineUser() that handle
passing in a void* ptr on the call to xmlShell() and is made available in
the xmlShellReadLineUser function.  For my application I need to be able to
give the ReadLine function some context of where to read from -- it's

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