[xml] Interrupted sax-based parsing


I have to parse xml files with the following constraints:
- files may be very long (more than 1Go possibly) => DOM cannot apply.
- files contains in fact a list of items. I mean that the root node is quite meaningless, here for xml spec conformance. - the piece of code that will drive the xml parser is itself event-driven by callbacks. The main event it receives is "returnNextItemOfTheList()", where I have to return a struct based on the "next" item I can read in the list. Thus, there is a kind of concept conflict.
- I can't do multithreading.

Ideally, I would need an API where I could do several calls to xmlParse..., using the same context, and having a subset of the whole stuff to be parsed.²

How could I do that ? Is there any examples I could have a look at ?

Thanks for your support.


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