Re: [xml] XPointer behaviour in LibXML2

On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 10:40:20AM +0100, Johann Richard wrote:
Now, the problem arises when I specify the xpointer: For the local file, everything is fine: I only get the 
desired section with id='section3' in my output. For the remote file, I always get the full file included, 
independent of the value of the xpointer.

If I specify, however, directly the URL, say like 

<xi:include href="'section3'))">

everything works fine as well. I tried with xpath expressions like "/section/section[3]" as well, with 
exactly the same result.

  Hum , do you mean that using #xpointer(/section/section[3]) works, or that
it doesn't work. For id() to work you need access to the DTD, and if the DTD
is specified as a relative URI to the document base, this can lead to serious
problems when using "urn:x-xmlbase:files:intro:xml" as the base for the
document. Thge urn: scheme has the potential to break a lot of thing, I have
advised against it in the past, and this could be related, or not ...
  So if #xpointer(/section/section[3]) worked, that's a problem with the
addressing of the DTD from the document. If not, that's a problem in XInclude
support. But since XInclude implementation uses a layer of the API where
catalogs mapping are completely transparent, a priori this kind of problem
should not occur.


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