[xml] XPointer behaviour in LibXML2

Hi all,

I have a little problem w/ libxml's XPointer --- maybe someone can help:

I have two XInclude's in an XML file which is processed with libxml and libxslt with XInclude enabled and the 
namespace xi defined somewhere:

[ ... ]
<xi:include href="urn:x-xmlbase:files:intro:xml#xpointer(id('section3'))">
<xi:include href="intro.xml#xpointer('section3')">
[ ... ]

where "urn:x-xmlbase:files:intro:xml" resolves to "http://xmlbase.info:8080/intro.xml"; and
with intro.xml (both files) being like:

  <section id="section3"> 
        [ ...]

both "intro.xml" files exist, of course, and if I don't specify an XPointer, I get both of them completely 
included, i.e., the URN resolves to http and gets loaded. (I added my proper entity resolver that resolves 
the urn to the http://[...])

Now, the problem arises when I specify the xpointer: For the local file, everything is fine: I only get the 
desired section with id='section3' in my output. For the remote file, I always get the full file included, 
independent of the value of the xpointer.

If I specify, however, directly the URL, say like 

<xi:include href="http://xmlbase.info:8080/intro.xml#xpointer(id('section3'))">

everything works fine as well. I tried with xpath expressions like "/section/section[3]" as well, with 
exactly the same result.

libxml only seems to take care of the xpointer when I use a "real" URL which also gets "resolved"!
Am I missing something or is this a bug?

any help is appreciated.
Kind regards,

Johann Richard
IC & DSP Design Engineer  
Dspfactory SA
Champs-Montants 12a 
2074 Marin-Epagnier

Tel: +41 32 755 7400 
Fax: +41 32 755 7401 
e-mail: mailto:johann richard dspfactory ch


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