[xml] Thread check


In my application I build a xml tree taking informations from diffrent sources: well I'd like to improve the 
performance and so to use threads.

My system is linux red hat 8.0: libxml2 (rpm package) was installed by default. How can I know if the 
libexml2 has been installed with the option --with threads?

I have different functions: each one parses a specific source and then adds the extracted informations in the 
same xmlDocPtr. 
Shall I use xmlMutexPtr?
I think that the strategy is very similar to apache one: in apache we have

static mutex *my_mutex = NULL;
static void my_handler_init(....) {
  my_mutex = ap_create_mutex(NULL);

static int my_handler(.....) {
/* read/write some global data */

In libxml2 shall I use:

/* read write global data */





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