Re: [xml] compiling libxml v2.4.26 with mingw under win2k


Unfortunately this didn't solve the problem.

It would have been too easy anyway :-) But what exactly does the compiler complain about?

When you say it hasn't been finalised does that mean it's available in CVS
but not yet been release?!  If so, is that build available to Jo public  at

I mean it is not available in the CVS. Elisabeth Barham did this work for the unix-based mingw cross-compiler and it should work on windows-based mingw as well. Her bits were not commited to the CVS, at least I cannot remember they were. Her changes are available to the public, she posted the URL yesterday.

I need to be able to build GLIB, GTK, LIBXML, LIBGLADE and all the smaller
libraries in-between for customer satisfaction that if any one library was
discontinued, we could still build it and possibly patch it.  I am hopping
to do this with MSYS or CYGWIN using the MINGW compiler.

Mingw+MSYS and Cygwin have one thing in common: libxml2 does not compile out of the box. The problem is not in the C source, but in the GNU autoconf/automake bits. These two platforms require something in there that is not available in the CVS. As far as I understand it, these bits would cause some conflicts, something that has to do with the versions of the required tools.

I Really don't know much about GNU autoconf/automake and I can very well be wrong. If I am right, chances are that your compilation with mingw+MSYS is simply missing a header or two. Check win32config.h and see what it includes. Also check those HAVE_* macros, perhaps you are missing one of those.


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