RE: [xml] python bindings on windows

ROOT = r'@prefix@'

in, it can be replaced by the 
buildPrefix variable of configure.js.

Okay, that is a good default. I'll still provide a special 
variable for 
that, because the Python ROOT could as well be different to 
the libxml 
prefix dir.

Fine by me.
Since you plan to use an exclusive library with the Pythin 
bindings, setting 
the incdir through configure.js for the build with Python 
would suffice, no?

Yes and no. needs to find the .lib to link with, 
and also the libxml dlls to redistribute with the bindings.
Just let the people examine the diff and they will 
scream if they 
believe it would break something on their platform. If 
someone screams, then 
we'll find a way to satisfy all parties.

Okay, I'll post that as soon as I make the required modifications to 

Great. I'll try it out and give you feedback.


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