[xml] xmlIO

Hi all,

I'm trying to use xmlIO to take and parse a xml source.

The address I have to call is:
This address answers with a xml file I have to parse and exstract the informations.

My idea is to use xmlIO to call and parse this source.
So reading the documentation and xmlIO interfrace, I have tried:

void* context;

context = xmlIOHTTPOpen(uri);

  if (context == NULL) {
    return 0;

  buf = (char*) ap_palloc(r->pool,5000);

  res = xmlIOHTTPRead(context, buf, 5000); 

 fprintf(stderr,"Buffer: %s\n", buf);



But Ialways get res=0 and the buf is empty.

Fron the source I have read that the read gives 0 when the connection is closed but I don't understand why 
the buf is empty.

Can you explain me?




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