[xml] Problem using libxslt and chunking?


I'm using libxslt and have a valid xsl file. It does just what I want when I run it with xsltproc, when I try to do the same thing as xsltproc using the API functions xsltApplyStylesheet or xsltRunStylesheet, the 'other' documents
specified by <xt:document....> are not outputted?
What API function do I have to call to get the same effect as xsltproc?

I tried:
xmlOutputBufferPtr xmlOut = xmlOutputBufferCreateFilename( saveTo, NULL , 0); if ( -1 == xsltRunStylesheet(stylesheet, document, NULL, saveTo, NULL, xmlOut) )

 xmlDocPtr result = xsltApplyStylesheet(stylesheet, document, NULL);
 xsltSaveResultToFilename( saveTo, result, stylesheet, 0);

Greetings and thanks for the time,


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