Re: [xml] HOWTO build libxml2 with minGW & pthreads-win32

Hi folks,

Many thanks to all for those quick and useful responses.
I was able to compile the lib for my environment from the CVS tree, with
only a few mods:
- In the generated "win32config.h":
* add at the beginning  "#define HAVE_PTHREAD_H" (thanks Igor!)
*around line 52, in the !_MSC_VER part: protect with "#ifndef isinf" and
"#ifndef isnam" the definitions, as mingw has them
- tweak the makefile.mingw: minor typos corrections, more libs to search
(mingwex, iconv, pthreadGC)

The lib compiles cleanly. The testThreadsWin32.exe works under gdb for
TEST_REPEAT_COUNT=300, but not for 500. It does not work outside gdb, but I
suspect that using WaitForMultipleObjects() is not adequate when using

My first program now compile and run :-))), but when pressing ^C, I get an
"Invalid disposition exception 0xC0000026 in kernel32.dll". This does not
occur when running under gdb. According to microsoft (
exception_record_str.asp ) "EXCEPTION_INVALID_DISPOSITION: An exception
handler returned an invalid disposition to the exception dispatcher.
Programmers using a high-level language such as C should never encounter
this exception. " . But I encounter it :-((. Any ideas?

Igor, I am not used to patches and public CVS updates, but I can send to you
my mods when things work if you are interested.


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