RE: [xml] libxml2 performance

Good Morning, still :-)

Yeah, that was my first suspicion. In such a little routine
like isolat1ToUTF8, a competent optimizer may produce 
roughly the same code for any not completely broken source.

But it seems not hurt and may give benefits for
some (hey Igor, what's the MSVC numbers here?).

Believe me, I have no idea. I'm having outage times: the boss gives me
something totally unrelated to XML to hack on during the day and my wife
wants attention more than usual in the evening. Ignoring either of them
is lethal, so I cannot play with libxml very often now :-) Perhaps, if I
finish today's hack early enough, I'll turn on the profiler later.

And, what do you want to say, that I am using a less competent
optimiser? The one broken code generator which needs help in something
like isolat1ToUTF8? You wanna war? :-) :-)


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