Re: [xml] libxml2 performance

Hi Bjorn, All,

Thank you for your detailed and informative profiling data.

For the second example, I'm unable to interpret the
line based data in some places. For example it attributes
2.85% to 'ctxt->token = 0' in a block only entered
when ctxt->token == '&' - but ctxt->token seems to
be unused, at least outside the DTD (and svg3 doesn't
have any '&').

Given that uncertainity, the data may imply, that dropping all
the ctxt->token checks may help.

Regarding the malloc cost, you would even come nearer
to the unfortunate 40% of my tests, if you use a version
of libxml-api.xml converted to data in elements 
(and converted to UTF8).

Peter Jacobi

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