RE: [xml] Re: [xslt] libxml3 (C++ Wrappers, Performance Paranoia)

Good morning,

I'm under very tight time constraints from my day job at the moment,
but the on the other hand, I didn't see much interest for libxml3
from other people on the list.

We are a very shy folk :-)

   - integrate patches from the libxml2 branch
looks rather scary.

Scary? That's the pure horror! I'm screaming out loud, my eyes open
wide, my fists clinched in terror! However, this must be done.
But given no other volunteers, I'm tempted to try it anyway.

You do, and I'll help you around. I also have few things I would change
in the API, although far less fundamental than a pluggable tree
implementation. I cannot drive this effort, but I can and shall help
whoever is doing it. How about typing down the goals, to begin with?


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