Re: [xml] Getting crazy with float parsing

From: "Christopher R. Maden" <crism maden org>
At 05:37 9/5/02, Bjorn Reese wrote:
Before making any decision on this issue, we should clarify the purpose
of XPath and XSL floating-point numbers. Is it to provide high-accuracy
calculations, or to present decimal-point number to users?

The XPath specification specifically mandates that the "number" datatype is
an IEEE 754 floating-point number.  Trio does not appear to be compliant
with the IEEE 754 spec and therefore should not be used for handling XPath
numbers.  See XPath 1.0 §4.4.

But if Trio isn't used, then some other generic floating point library is
As I've found out testing XPath expressions, the native support for floats
provided by the compilers is highly variable especially with (but not
limited to)
+ / - Infinity and NaN. A library like Trio is required to provide
across different compilers and platforms

Can Trio not be fixed to improve it's accuracy rather than removing it


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