[xml] XPath: Get element content as string

Hello @all,

i'm trying to receive the string value of an
element (content) using a XPath expression like



resultObj = xmlXPathEval(BAD_CAST "//foo[string()]", ctxt);

The resulting XPathObject has the type XPATH_NODESET and
contains one node (of course "foo").
So i can call

contStr = xmlXPathCastToString(resultObj);

to receive the content.
Well, that's fine so far. I'm just wondering if this
is the correct way. I'm just a beginner WRT XPath and
i've thought that the "string()" function (w/o parameter)
should result in a string object.
In addition the struct "xmlXPathObject" has a member
"strval" and a possible type "XPATH_STRING".

So, my question is: Is there a API routine that i've
missed and that results in a "xmlXPathObject" with
type "XPATH_STRING" and holds the string value of
a (via XPath expression) given context node?

TIA, Markus

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