Re: [xml] xmlParseDTD()

Hi Madhavan,

hmmmh, libxml2 is free software, which means, you
can get the sources. So, take the sources, recompile
libxml2 and use your favorite debugger to get inside
xmlParseDTD (). I think you will see the pb and maybe
submit a patch.


--- Madhavan Nagarajan <cmnagarajan yahoo com> a écrit
: > 
Hi All,

I have problem in making the libxml API compatible
with other Development environment. 

Iam  trying to create QuarkXPress  document
(Publishng software) from  XML document using
libxml2 and Xtensions Development Kit (XDK) provided
by QuarkXPress in Visual Studio development
environment. XDK is a set of C coded functions,
which uses _stdcall calling conventions with 2 byte
struct alignment. Whereas libxml uses _cdecl calling
conventions with 8 byte struct alignment.

I could sucessfully include, compile and link the
libxml header files in XDK, by simply suffixing the 
libxml functions in header files with "_cdecl".

Now the problem is with the function  
xmlParseDTD(ExternalID, SystemID), It works perfect
outside XDK and returns  xmlDtdPtr, but the same
coding fails inside XDK and returns NULL.

I also like to inform that the function
xmlParseDoc(file) works perfect both outside and
inside the XDK.

I believe that there may be some problem in project
settings, I will be grateful to anyone who could
throw some light over this issue

I also like to known about other lists, which deals
with Querys of this sort. 

Thanx in advance 



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