[xml] XPath Fix (part 1)


Attached is the patch file for the first set of fixes for XPath.
As mentioned earlier, these cover -

I've added two new functions to trionan.c to check / set the sign of a
(VC++6 doesn't like double a=-0.0 as Bjorn suggested, so I put a function
to set it).
I've also made the mods to the XPath math functions so they return -0 in
correct places, and does floating point mods.
As a temporary fix, I've modified xmlXPatherror so that it doesn't report
the filename / line number

I generated the patch file by running "cvs -z3 diff -c" as suggested, and it
put the changes for both files in the one output file. Is this alright, or
do you need them output as two different patches. (I'm still learning what
you can do with CVS)

I'll patch the FAQ html page with some instructions once I know this patch
is OK.
(Don't want to go putting wrong instructions up...)

WRT the changes to trionan.c -
The two new functions (trio_get_sign() and trio_nzero()) are protected by
the #if defined (USE_IEEE754) guard.
I'm afraid that someone else will need to look into a more generic
implementation of these two functions as I can't get hold of any platforms
that don't go through this guard to test on.
My understanding of different hardware and floating point maths isn't good
enough to warrant trying
to guess what might work. I would need to call upon some outside assistance
to help with this.

Hope this all works alright,

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