[xml] Using libxml for communication

Hi all,

I have recently added file load and save support to my application thanks to libxml, which btw is great.

The application is a daemon that transfers files. I use libxml to save the list of download and some options.

Since the daemon will be standalone, I want to depend on few libraries, so I will also use libxml to read/save a configuration file. Hope this is not a bad idea :)

I would like to get some advice where to use libxml to communicate the daemon with the clients.

Nowadays I'm using a unix socket to connect to the daemon (and I will use an inet socket in the future, too), then I send _text_ commands and the daemon parses this text in order to do the required actions. I use scanf() to acomplish it. Then the daemon sends some info back to the client, in some way as an ftp server does: "204 ... info ...".

I have seen the xmlIO functions and I was wondering if using them so I don't have to make the manual parsing, so It will be more robust and easily extensible.

I know of xml-rpc, but I think I will be done with libxml.

Hope anyone give me some advice and directions on how to accomplish them.

Thanks in advance.

Manuel Clos
llanero jazzfree com

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