Re: [xml] LibXML and W3C

Also you say examples of "code" .
XML is a *data* format, so that question makes very little sense.
libxml will handle any conformant XML, well it should
(assuming you don't run into system issues like lack of memory or something).

Well what I mean was faults like in the thread :"[xml] libxml parses and 
serializes "invalid" xml?" posted by Boris Erdmann  on Saturday, 23 Feb 2002.
So, if their are documents that are correct according to the standards LibXML 
implement like:the XML standard, XML Path Language (XPath) 1.0,..., but that 
aren't validated correct by LibXML, or fault documents that are parsed.

I also don't understand the title of your mail, why " and W3C" ???

Because most of the standards, LibXML implement can be found on the W3C site.  
And when I wrote the title I only had my first question in mind

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