Re: [xml] xmlNanoHTTPConnectAttempt troubles

On Sat, 2002-03-02 at 15:40, Daniel Veillard wrote:
  All this should be installed locally and indexed in the catalog anyway.
  lists a number of resources to get and install your catalog
  explains why you need catalogs, how they work and how to check them

  Unfortunately, trying to debug a process using HTTP for the
retrieval of the resources is very hard. There is little chance I can
reproduce this.


Ok, I am sorry about that. I have now installed the docbook xml's
locally. I did also try running your script buildDocBookCatalog which
asked for some files like chunk-common.xsl which the script expected to
be in /usr/share/xml. I had no /usr/share/xml directory and was told
that the xsl files in question was part of libxslt. True enough I found
the xsl files in the build directory for libxslt, but they seem not be
installed. I have now manually coppied to the contents of the html and
common directories to similar directories under /usr/share/xml which I
hope is correct.

But if these scripts are needed to use this stuff then I wonder why they
are not part of any RPMS, even the xslt rpms from redhat which I think
you maintain Daniel.


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