[xml] Question on recursive xmlCopyNode


consider the following document:

<root xmlns:pr="uri"><a><pr:b><c pr:attr="val"/></b></a></root>

If i do a recursive xmlCopyNode or xmlDocCopyNode of
lets say <a>, then  it works like a charm:
children->children->properties->ns of <a>'s copy is not null.
Even <a>'s copy has a valid nsDef.

In contrast with this document

<root xmlns:pr="uri"><a><b><c pr:attr="val"/></b></a></root>

<b> is prefix-less. Then after doing the recursive copy on <a>
children->children->properties->ns of <a>'s copy *is* null.
No nsDef on <a>'s copy can be found.

Is this behaviour intended?


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