[xml] xmlParserHandleReference anyone?

Hi Daniel, All,

OK, I would like to go through parser.c and parserInternals.c
to remove the obsolote ctxt->token code.

Daniel Veillard: 
We are in a good start to get rid of ctxt->token in the XML parser.
The last places where I found ctxt->token initialized is in

parserInternals.c:      ctxt->token = '&';
parserInternals.c:      ctxt->token = '&';
parserInternals.c:        ctxt->token = ent->content[0];

but it is in xmlParserHandleReference() deprecated code, It should not
even be compiled in anymore.

So this is the last call, if Daniel agrees:

*** Does anybody still use xmlParserHandleReference in 
*** some ante-diluvian code? 

Remember, that this would imply, that you modify xmllib2 sources,
because in recent versions of libxml2 the body of 
xmlParserHandleReference is disabled by an #if 0 block
and the only thing the function does is giving a warning.

Peter Jacobi

The new testcases t8.xml and t8a.xml are not valid, at least I hope so,
and every parser I tried except XMLSpy3.5 agrees on this. 

The new testcases t9.xml and t9a.xml are valid, at least I hope so, and
every parser I tried agrees on this.

  Okay here I see xmllint --valid --noout passing t4 t4a t6 t9 t9a and
complaining in the DTD of t8 and t8a resulting in a non-welformedness
error handling (no tree is generated).
  I added them to the regression tests,

  In general, thanks a LOT ! I appreciate very much that others are now
gaining a full understanding of the inner parts of the library, it's large
relatively complex, and getting good patches tackling to this level of
understanding is just a proof that the project as a whole is working and
taking momentum, you can't imagine how happy I am about this !

   thanks again, to you and everybody contributing !


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