[xml] RV: Validating DTDs

        I'm a Spanish user of the libxml 2, my question is that I'm looking for a
function to validate a loaded xmlDoc versus its DTD. I found the function
xmlValidateDtd, that apears to be that I'm looking for, but I need a
        The problem is this xmlValidCtxtPtr, I didn't found a constructor to this
datatype and I don't know how to use its.
        I use the xmlParseFile() to have the xmlDocPtr operative, and I use the
xmlGetIntSubset() to get the xmlDtdPtr asociated to my XML document, but I
don't found in the web documentation how to validate my xmlDocPtr against
its xmlDtdPtr.
        Is there any example that can help me? Can you help me?
        Thank you.

P.D.: Sorry, my english is poor. If you know someome or somewere to support
me in spanish about the use of libxml tell me please.

Samuel Díaz García

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