Re: [xml] libxml : =?iso-8859-1?q?r=E9entrance=20avec?= SAX

Hi Daniel and all others,

I'm sorry I wrote my question in French, I did not realize this was a mailing 
list :-/.

In short: the question was : is it possible to do the following:
        - parse a document A with SAX
        - from within the SAX callback, parse a document B with sax too
all of that within the same thread?

This boils down to reentrance of libxml.

  Hum, if you create another parser context, yes this should work without
problem, you just can't reuse the same parser context for both documents.


Thanks for this answer, Daniel. I don't know how to create a parser context, 
but I'll search.

Éric Bischoff

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