Re: [xml] libxml : SAX validation + external entities

On Fri, Jul 26, 2002 at 06:27:02AM +0200, Subramanian, Binu wrote:

I want to use libxml in my application for parsing xml files. I am using the
SAX API and want to validate my XML against a DTD.

1. Can this validation be done using libxml for SAX? I looked at the code
and see that validation is possible for DOM. 

  The answer is no, currently libxml2 validation is based on the DOM tree.

2. I am using some entities in my DTD and referring to them in my XML file.
I used the parser and found that these entities are not getting substituted.
Is there anyway this can be supported? 
Can i do something about it?

will ask libxml2 to do the substitution automatically globally. This can
be fine tuned to do this on a case by case basis for a single parsing but it's
a bit more complex.


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