[xml] recovering of well balanced chunks


while checking the code of XML data recovering I realized that recovering
is only possible if well formed documents are parsed. Although libxml2 
provides an iterface to parse well balanced chunks from memory, I found 
that is not possiblem to recover such chunk as it is possible with 

I agree, that this is definitly not a have to for libxml2. Since only 
a tiny patch would make such a feature available I wrote this extension
and attached it to this mail.

The patch I provide is based on libxml2 2.4.23. It should not affect any 
existing implementation. 

I would like to provide a more general XML recovering available 
with one of the next releases of XML::LibXML(1), it would be nice if this 
patch could make into the distributed code. 

Thanks in advance.
Christian Glahn

(1) XML::LibXML is a perl interface to libxml2

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